Bunting, Bunting, Bunting!!!

So, yes, I fell off the wagon. Daily posting took a break, but I did have a good excuse. I promise!

My lovely friend Margie set me up with some work sewing for a wedding planner out of Austin called Bird Dog Weddings, and I was sewing bunting like crazy! Then we moved out of the trailer, which is a whole other story. But here are some pictures to prove I wasn’t being lazy and a link to the blog where the professional pictures will eventually be.


This first kind of bunting gets special notice because of how much it took to achieve it! Each triangle had to be structured with shish-ka-bob sticks to make it stay out and weighted with pennies to make it stand up. All of that is sewn to the inside so it can’t be seen.

And here are some pictures from the wedding!

All told there were close to 1000 triangles cut out and sewn together!!! Yikes!

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