Pinwheel Quilt


Ok…I’m back. New goal- 1 post/week. My problem is remembering to photograph my work! I’ve got finished projects for the next few months if I can keep up the 1/week rule, so wish me luck!

This quilt was done as a Christmas gift (2 1/2 moths ago!) for my Granny. The tutorial comes from my favorite website, Moda Bakeshop ( Moda Bakeshop is full of great tutorials, made by people who use Moda brand fabric. It is also where I find most of my favorite patterns! This one is called Eli’s Wheel and the tutorial can be found here:

It uses a pre-cut “jelly roll” (one of my favorite cutting shortcuts). Jelly rolls consist of 40 pre-cut strip of fabric 2 1/2″ x 44″ that can be combined in a variety of ways. If you’re new to quilting or have limited cut space or bad wrists, jelly rolls are a great option because they drastically reduce the amount of cutting you have to do and they are very accurate (both important for quilting).

Here are just a few examples of the variety you can get with jelly rolls (2 by me – 1 on the to do list)


Here are some better views of the pinwheel quilt. For my next quilt I want to attempt either free motion quilting (VERY hard/ scary) or hand quilting (time consuming!).




Traced Tank Top

I made this shirt because I loved this fabric and I had 2 “new” toys to play with. One was my double needle that grandma gave me. It sews two lines at the same time so you can get that nice professional/finished look. The other was something I had, but didn’t know I had. I’m not really even sure what it is called, but it rolls the edge of the fabric as it sews and gives you a nice finished edge without any measuring, ironing, folding, or wasting. The other exciting thing was that I got to “make” my own pattern. I traced a tank top I already had (leaving room for a seam), cut it out and sewed it together. I added a nice pink tie on the low cut back.

For then next time I do this I think I will try cutting it on the bias to give it a little bit more give. This time I didn’t because the example top wasn’t cut on the bias, but it was a much lighter rayon and I used cotton. I’m also playing with different ways to finish the arm and neck holes so that it won’t be so thick where the fabric is rolled under. The downside to cotton is that it is thicker than rayon, but it does breath much better.

can you tell my husband is tall?

I couldn’t reach and Spencer’s “bow” was terrifying, but you get the idea.

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