Baby Stuff

My friend Lori  is about to pop! And I wanted to sew her something that would be both cute and useful when the baby comes. They’re waiting to be surprised, so I had the extra challenge of making something gender neutral.

The first thing I made was a baby swaddle. I’ve heard that they’re very useful for bundling babies up when they’re really little, and I’d seen them used at the hospital before. The free downloadable PDF can be found here (yes in MAKE magazine of all places!)

I lined it with a soft knit instead of fleece because it will be Texas summer during the months the baby can use it.



The next project was for when the baby gets a bit older. I’ve heard several moms mention how great grocery cart covers are for babies (especially while teething), but couldn’t find a pattern I liked anywhere. They were either over complicated or called for waaay too much fabric (like 5yds). So, I improvised. I went the HEB to measured their seats (the biggest in town) and made sure that 1 yd would cover the entire hole (remembering that the fabric has to go down the sides and back up). It did, so I took my yard of cotton and my yard of fleece (2 yards total), laid them together, rounded the corners and sewed them together so that I could run elastic around the entire outside of the circle. Then I went back to HEB and used pins to mark where the leg holes needed to be and added those. Sorry if that sounds confusing, but feel free to message me if you’d like it explained more in depth or with photos). I also added toy clips and pockets to keep the pacifier and other toys off the floor.

The only thing I wasn’t happy with was that you couldn’t see very much of the pretty yellow fabric when I put it in the buggy, but technically it is reversible and I put toy clips on both sides.

IMG_9578 IMG_9585 IMG_9593


Dog Beds

So, since we moved into the new house, I decided it was time for Rocky to have a bed of his own! And then Maggie needed a new one because I have no idea where hers went. We looked around in stores and couldn’t find what we were looking for. Everything was either too expensive or not nearly sturdy enough. Then, I looked at JoAnn’s and found that to buy fabric and filling would be at least as much as buying a bed! So, the search continued…! I know this seems like a lot of trouble over a dog bed, but it was a lot less eventful than it sounds. I was just being indecisive/ cheap.

In the end I bought the fabric when it went on sale and used a coupon for a double whammy. Each bed took 1 yard of print and one yard of solid. The filling was going to be the most expensive part, but I slaughtered some old pillows (very easy to find at garage sales or thrift shops, if you don’t have any already). Each bed cost under $15 and the most difficult part was getting the dogs to hold still for a photo!

Just make it like a giant pillow. I didn’t even have to cut anything out! If you have smaller dogs you may have to cut it down some, but it is just a rectangle. When you stuff it, make sure you fluff the stuffing good before you put it in (especially if it’s older). This will make the stuffing go a lot further and the pillow will not look lumpy!

Here are some pictures of my goofy dogs and their beds!

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