Scalloped Edge Button Up Skirt

I don’t usually like to make clothes for adults, but lately I’m changing my mind! This was a project I started yesterday because I really wanted to use this fabric I got at JoAnn’s. It took me more time to scroll through photos and pick the pattern than it did to actually make the skirt! I started out thinking I would do a full circle skirt… then changed to half circle skirt… then looked at some other patterns…and then decided I wanted to do something I had never done.

Eventually, I used this pattern I found on Pinterest:

The blogger who made it mentioned that is was her first attempt at a pattern, and you could tell. Overall the pattern pieces were good, but the instructions were confusing. She didn’t leave any seam allowances, but I added them by taping two pens together and drawing a double line elementary school style.  Also, there isn’t a good way to re-size. You have to make your own new waist band and add scallops one at a time. Basically, I wouldn’t try this unless you know how to sew already and can puzzle piece things together on your own. But I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with as she matures as a pattern maker. I like he style!

I was excited because I got to do pockets, buttons, belt loops (not part of the pattern), and a scalloped edge. And I got to use my surger to finish the pockets. Threading a surger takes some rocket science, but this morning Spencer and I watched the instructional VHS together and finally got it going! (yes I said VHS).

Most likely, I won’t start selling any adult skirts in my Etsy store because fitting adults can be such a pain, but if  you like this skirt and think it would sell let me know. Maybe with a little more practice I will be able to make clothes for other people! And test dummies get a good price 🙂


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