Tea Party

The other day Gentry turned 10 and wanted to have a tea party to celebrate! Being a lover of tea parties, I volunteered my services and my extra living room.

I made the invitations, with some inspiration from Pinterest. They are printed on velum and sewn to a piece of card-stock. I’ve seen variations of this that are filled with large confetti or sewn to fabric instead of paper. Next time I would like to sew the vellum to a bold printed fabric, maybe chevrons or polka dots! It is very easy to do (just straight stitching), and it gives you invitations some depth without having to worry about the glue wrinkling your paper or the tape showing. I do recommend turning up your stitch length just a bit, otherwise you will get a perforated line that might tear. I think I used a 3.5 length.

The table is set with some china I’ve had forever (and never used until the wedding). The cake is fun-fetti (for those discriminating tastes) covered in fancy pearl sprinkles, to make it worthy of such an elegant occasion. We got the biscotti and spiral sandwiches from the grocery store. The bunting is made from paper triangles and Vickie (Gentry’s mom) managed to print “HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY GENTRY” on them. This amazes me, because I fail at lining things up on the printer (no patience). I used a leftover lace table cloth, tied some tulle on the chairs, and voila! Instant tea party. With two people working, this only took a morning to put together (not counting the trip to the grocery store and a few other miscellaneous things we did beforehand).

The girls loved the game I found on Pinterest called “Kiss the Frog Prince.” It is just pin the tail on the donkey, but you put lipstick on the girls and they have to actually kiss the frog while blindfolded! The hansom prince was drawn by my hansom prince/ artist in residence, Spencer the magnificent.


Dog Beds

So, since we moved into the new house, I decided it was time for Rocky to have a bed of his own! And then Maggie needed a new one because I have no idea where hers went. We looked around in stores and couldn’t find what we were looking for. Everything was either too expensive or not nearly sturdy enough. Then, I looked at JoAnn’s and found that to buy fabric and filling would be at least as much as buying a bed! So, the search continued…! I know this seems like a lot of trouble over a dog bed, but it was a lot less eventful than it sounds. I was just being indecisive/ cheap.

In the end I bought the fabric when it went on sale and used a coupon for a double whammy. Each bed took 1 yard of print and one yard of solid. The filling was going to be the most expensive part, but I slaughtered some old pillows (very easy to find at garage sales or thrift shops, if you don’t have any already). Each bed cost under $15 and the most difficult part was getting the dogs to hold still for a photo!

Just make it like a giant pillow. I didn’t even have to cut anything out! If you have smaller dogs you may have to cut it down some, but it is just a rectangle. When you stuff it, make sure you fluff the stuffing good before you put it in (especially if it’s older). This will make the stuffing go a lot further and the pillow will not look lumpy!

Here are some pictures of my goofy dogs and their beds!

Bunting, Bunting, Bunting!!!

So, yes, I fell off the wagon. Daily posting took a break, but I did have a good excuse. I promise!

My lovely friend Margie set me up with some work sewing for a wedding planner out of Austin called Bird Dog Weddings, and I was sewing bunting like crazy! Then we moved out of the trailer, which is a whole other story. But here are some pictures to prove I wasn’t being lazy and a link to the blog where the professional pictures will eventually be.


This first kind of bunting gets special notice because of how much it took to achieve it! Each triangle had to be structured with shish-ka-bob sticks to make it stay out and weighted with pennies to make it stand up. All of that is sewn to the inside so it can’t be seen.

And here are some pictures from the wedding!

All told there were close to 1000 triangles cut out and sewn together!!! Yikes!

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