Heart Back Dress

Last weekend we traveled to Houston for Spencer’s birthday. It was a very eventful weekend that included a family dinner, an Aesop Rock concert, a trip to the Museum to see the Titanic exhibit, the Terra Cotta Warriors and the new dinosaurs, another family dinner, and a cousin’s birthday party! In the end we came home with one extra person. Carrie, my 7 year old cousin and one of my flower girls from the wedding, managed to convince us that “kidnapping” her would be a good idea (though I’m not sure who kidnapped who). We decided that keeping a kid would be good birth control, but I think we should have picked a more difficult kid.

Carrie, Gentry, and I went on lots of adventures during the first part the days, then came home to swim and sew (not at the same time) when it got hot. Gentry got a sewing machine for Christmas and has been sewing for a while now, but this was Carrie’s first go at it, so we did some teamwork. We took turns sewing and pushing the pedal for her dress and she did some little projects on her own. She also made me show her how to hand sew so she could “sew on the go”- her words.

Carrie loved sewing and she especially loved wearing what she helped make. She wore it two days in a row because she wanted to wear it immediately and she wanted to wear it to show her mom. I loved having another little girl around who wanted to learn how to sew! It’s like growing my own craft buddies!

I made the pattern from a dress I had seen online and a trace from a dress she brought with her (for sizing). I couldn’t believe how tiny her clothes were (and she kept wiggling when I tried to measure) so I ended up making the pattern too large and having to cut it down a lot after I did it, but I still think it turned out very well. If you like it, you can order one custom for your child’s measurements here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/107145578/open-heart-back-childs-dress

About catherinecureton

A newlywed crafter with a techie for a husband. Just blogging to keep track of my many scattered projects.

3 responses to “Heart Back Dress

  1. Awesome! That really turned out great. Your husband is the luckiest guy in the world!

  2. Bobbie Sue Warren

    Dress is very pretty but comes in second to the little girl wearing it. Love ya!

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