Scalloped Edge Button Up Skirt

I don’t usually like to make clothes for adults, but lately I’m changing my mind! This was a project I started yesterday because I really wanted to use this fabric I got at JoAnn’s. It took me more time to scroll through photos and pick the pattern than it did to actually make the skirt! I started out thinking I would do a full circle skirt… then changed to half circle skirt… then looked at some other patterns…and then decided I wanted to do something I had never done.

Eventually, I used this pattern I found on Pinterest:

The blogger who made it mentioned that is was her first attempt at a pattern, and you could tell. Overall the pattern pieces were good, but the instructions were confusing. She didn’t leave any seam allowances, but I added them by taping two pens together and drawing a double line elementary school style.  Also, there isn’t a good way to re-size. You have to make your own new waist band and add scallops one at a time. Basically, I wouldn’t try this unless you know how to sew already and can puzzle piece things together on your own. But I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with as she matures as a pattern maker. I like he style!

I was excited because I got to do pockets, buttons, belt loops (not part of the pattern), and a scalloped edge. And I got to use my surger to finish the pockets. Threading a surger takes some rocket science, but this morning Spencer and I watched the instructional VHS together and finally got it going! (yes I said VHS).

Most likely, I won’t start selling any adult skirts in my Etsy store because fitting adults can be such a pain, but if  you like this skirt and think it would sell let me know. Maybe with a little more practice I will be able to make clothes for other people! And test dummies get a good price 🙂



Heart Back Dress

Last weekend we traveled to Houston for Spencer’s birthday. It was a very eventful weekend that included a family dinner, an Aesop Rock concert, a trip to the Museum to see the Titanic exhibit, the Terra Cotta Warriors and the new dinosaurs, another family dinner, and a cousin’s birthday party! In the end we came home with one extra person. Carrie, my 7 year old cousin and one of my flower girls from the wedding, managed to convince us that “kidnapping” her would be a good idea (though I’m not sure who kidnapped who). We decided that keeping a kid would be good birth control, but I think we should have picked a more difficult kid.

Carrie, Gentry, and I went on lots of adventures during the first part the days, then came home to swim and sew (not at the same time) when it got hot. Gentry got a sewing machine for Christmas and has been sewing for a while now, but this was Carrie’s first go at it, so we did some teamwork. We took turns sewing and pushing the pedal for her dress and she did some little projects on her own. She also made me show her how to hand sew so she could “sew on the go”- her words.

Carrie loved sewing and she especially loved wearing what she helped make. She wore it two days in a row because she wanted to wear it immediately and she wanted to wear it to show her mom. I loved having another little girl around who wanted to learn how to sew! It’s like growing my own craft buddies!

I made the pattern from a dress I had seen online and a trace from a dress she brought with her (for sizing). I couldn’t believe how tiny her clothes were (and she kept wiggling when I tried to measure) so I ended up making the pattern too large and having to cut it down a lot after I did it, but I still think it turned out very well. If you like it, you can order one custom for your child’s measurements here:

Traced Tank Top

I made this shirt because I loved this fabric and I had 2 “new” toys to play with. One was my double needle that grandma gave me. It sews two lines at the same time so you can get that nice professional/finished look. The other was something I had, but didn’t know I had. I’m not really even sure what it is called, but it rolls the edge of the fabric as it sews and gives you a nice finished edge without any measuring, ironing, folding, or wasting. The other exciting thing was that I got to “make” my own pattern. I traced a tank top I already had (leaving room for a seam), cut it out and sewed it together. I added a nice pink tie on the low cut back.

For then next time I do this I think I will try cutting it on the bias to give it a little bit more give. This time I didn’t because the example top wasn’t cut on the bias, but it was a much lighter rayon and I used cotton. I’m also playing with different ways to finish the arm and neck holes so that it won’t be so thick where the fabric is rolled under. The downside to cotton is that it is thicker than rayon, but it does breath much better.

can you tell my husband is tall?

I couldn’t reach and Spencer’s “bow” was terrifying, but you get the idea.

Spencer’s Birthday

This one is a little off the usual craft topic, but I thought Gentry’s cake decorating job needed to be shared!!! I used this chocolate peanut butter cake recipe from Smitten Kitchen that I’ve had in my book for a while. It is very, very rich and impossible to resist. It also makes a lot of cake if you need to feed a crowd!

Spencer loved it!

Even Pete got in on the birthday fun!

Can you say fire hazard?

The sprinkle fairy came to visit!



Gentry’s Projects

While Spencer is trying to finish school and get a job, we have moved into my parent’s camper. It is great because it has everything we need and no 9month lease! It is extra great because my cousin Vickie and her husband Ponch let us park in their back yard (Hooray no rent!).

Another perk is that their daughter, Gentry, got a sewing machine for Christmas and has been making all sorts of crazy creations! She has no shortage of imagination, and over the past few days I’ve been helping her fine tune her sewing skills so that her projects have that nice finished look. It makes me want to be an elementary art teacher really badly! Get ready to see more projects from her as the weeks go on!

We got really excited because JoAnn’s had a sale this past week on everything, so we stocked up on about a million fat quarters (and promptly used all of them). This first project came out of a kit, but we copied the pattern onto 2 fat quarters so that Gentry’s friend Jordan could also make a shirt. This shirt is the same basic pattern as a pillow case dress, so it is a great intro into sewing your own clothes. They got to learn how to iron them hem in place before sewing, how to finish arm holes (really hard to do!), and how to run ribbon through the hem at the top using a safety pin like an inch worm.

Jordan also made a fabric yoyo and showed real patience with hand sewing all the way around the circle in nice even stitches! Then we put it on a pin so she could pin it to something when she got home.

Gentry then decided that she wanted to make a skirt out of some of the other fat quarters! She loves wearing skirts with tights, and now she can make a skirt for every day of the week. This took two fat quarters cut hot dog style then sewn together. She used the same technique she used for running the ribbon on the shirt to run elastic through the waistband.

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