Fishing Shirt Beach Dress

On our recent trip to the beach, it came a flood! Our cotton beach dresses were soaked and no fun to ride back to camp in (can you say cold!) while the boys fishing shirts were dry almost as soon as the rain stopped. So when I saw a 2XL fishing shirt on sale at the fishing shop for only $10 I knew what I had to do. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture, but needless to say it was huge!!! It had long sleeves and went almost to my knees. I had to undo almost all of the stitching, gather, resew, cut, rip out my stitches, re-stitch, etc etc etc… But I got to use my dress mannequin again! I decided that this dress would be another birthday present for Mommy, so I hope she likes it as much as I do!


About catherinecureton

A newlywed crafter with a techie for a husband. Just blogging to keep track of my many scattered projects.

2 responses to “Fishing Shirt Beach Dress

  1. Catherine, it’s Carrie Fussell and I’m blown away and inspired by all of your projects! I’ve had so much fun stalking your blog. Ihope you’re enjoying the newlywed life 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Minor

    Catherine, I love my swimisuit cover-up. You know it is no longer a fishing anything because I refuse to fish!

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