Salt Air Jelly Roll Quilt

Salt Air Jelly Roll Quilt

This is what I’m calling my first real quilt. I’ve made baby quilts and one ginormous circus tent of a quilt (meant to be full but somehow my guesstimations made it larger than a king!) But this is the first big quilt where I have followed the instructions (a rarity for me) and I’m pleased with the results. I thought it was going to be full sized (okay maybe I didn’t read all of the instructions) but I decided not to add to it to make it bigger. It was just small enough that I could still wrestle it through my machine to quilt it and it makes the perfect picnic blanket to go with our awesome picnic basket!


About catherinecureton

A newlywed crafter with a techie for a husband. Just blogging to keep track of my many scattered projects.

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