Fishing Shirt Beach Dress

On our recent trip to the beach, it came a flood! Our cotton beach dresses were soaked and no fun to ride back to camp in (can you say cold!) while the boys fishing shirts were dry almost as soon as the rain stopped. So when I saw a 2XL fishing shirt on sale at the fishing shop for only $10 I knew what I had to do. Unfortunately I forgot to take a before picture, but needless to say it was huge!!! It had long sleeves and went almost to my knees. I had to undo almost all of the stitching, gather, resew, cut, rip out my stitches, re-stitch, etc etc etc… But I got to use my dress mannequin again! I decided that this dress would be another birthday present for Mommy, so I hope she likes it as much as I do!



Before the rumors start…NO!!!

I decided to throw together some bibs because I wanted to do something called “scrappy quilting” (where you use up all of your scraps and come up with something totally off the wall), but my list of quilts to-do is a little backed-up at the moment. This bib is a great way to practice quilting, without the commitment of a full quilt!

All of the bibs I make will be in my etsy store.

These bibs came about because I wanted to play with my embroidery machine. I’d been trying to think of a project that wouldn’t require me to buy anything new, but would let me make some of the patterns I had (and of course all of the cutest patterns are for babies!)



Wedding Projects

I’m not sharing my project today because it is a birthday present for a friend. I’ll try to remember to post it later! Instead I’m sharing some of my favorite projects from the wedding.

The wedding cake has to be my favorite project! Spencer helped me bake, and the bridesmaids and Dan & Jodie helped me decorate! Plus I love the cake topper! If you know me, you know how short I am and how tall Spencer is! Bonus, this is the thing I found where the boy doesn’t look like a pedophile next to the tiny girl!

This thumbprint tree is a Spencer original! My amazing husband took in all of the things I liked about different trees on etsy and combined them into one super tree that he drew for me himself! -sorry ladies, he’s taken!

I made these tea stained tags to assign seats. It was a simple project, but they sold like crazy in my etsy store!

This was a Pinterest inspired project. I loved how the suitcase on my cake topper was able to be reflected elsewhere in the wedding. The bottom suitcase was full of birdseed and we used both suitcases in the engagement photos (so we could pose like the cake toppers)!

Grandma really did a fantastic job with the bridesmaid’s dresses! The vintage vogue pattern I picked out turned out to be way over my head and the sizes from the 1950’s were a real challenge. Add to this complicated pattern the fact that she didn’t get to see any of the girls until the wedding (we mailed parts back and forth) and you will realize how amazing she is!

I made the flower girl’s dresses and Jame’s pillow and bow tie out of the same material my grandma used for the bridesmaid’s dresses

For those who want to see, this is the engagement photo. Posed like the cake topper and using the same card & birdseed suitcases you saw in the wedding photos! Done by the amazing Jodie Cowan at Life n’ Print!

Salt Air Jelly Roll Quilt

Salt Air Jelly Roll Quilt

This is what I’m calling my first real quilt. I’ve made baby quilts and one ginormous circus tent of a quilt (meant to be full but somehow my guesstimations made it larger than a king!) But this is the first big quilt where I have followed the instructions (a rarity for me) and I’m pleased with the results. I thought it was going to be full sized (okay maybe I didn’t read all of the instructions) but I decided not to add to it to make it bigger. It was just small enough that I could still wrestle it through my machine to quilt it and it makes the perfect picnic blanket to go with our awesome picnic basket!

Hello world!

Spencer has been after me to blog about my projects for some time now, and I have been somewhat hesitant. I think mostly because I view my projects as experiments, not really worth sharing. But I can’t sleep tonight and this month of waiting to move has left me with plenty of projects to share. Soooo here goes nothing!

I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember. I come from a long line of incredibly talented crafty people and I’ve managed to pick up a few things from each of them. What I have not managed to do is pick one craft to perfect. Probably the closest thing to a specialty that I have is my cake decorating. But, I do a little of anything I can get my hands into (and pinterest has been getting me into a lot!) I’ve been into quilting, baking, woodworking, crocheting, knitting, painting, clothes making, scrapbooking, photography, jewelry making, home decorating and I don’t even remember what else! I try to put some of my more popular projects on etsy, but if you see something you like and it isn’t there let me know! Also let me know if you want any sort of custom project done. I love selling projects because, not only do I take it as a compliment that someone actually wants to buy my work, but I get to use the money to support my expensive hobbies!

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